It’s Got to be Ketchup!

Ketchup Clouds!

I was looking back at all of the books I have read this year trying to choose my favourite. After a lot of thinking I decided, it had to be Ketchup Clouds. This book was very emotional and got me a few times. It was a bit confusing because it skipped between two different places at times but near the end of the book you manage to get to grips with all of it. It starts off with a teenage girl sending letters to a man in prison saying she’s done something terribly wrong. At home this girl has had problems with drinking; boys and her family. After a horrible event that now she believes she is to be blamed for she is left depressed letting the world punish her. I would recommend this book for teenagers as it contains some adult humour. I don’t want to say anymore just in case I spoil it for you.

Read and enjoy!

by Hazel Drury 7AH

A Langtree Book Blogger.

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