Exams 2022 Advance Information

We have created a page of links to share the exam board’s advance Information about each subject we deliver at Langtree. You can access if from the Exams item on the Learning First menu or by clicking here.

The document also has links to revision resources and other recommendations to help the students prepare for the exams this summer.


Please read through the information carefully so you know what to expect on the day:

Paper 1 is split into 2 parts. The first is A Christmas Carol and the second is Animal Farm. You will receive 50 minutes for each part. At the end of the first 50 minutes the paper will be collected in. Students will remain under exam conditions whilst this is collected and part 2 is handed out. Students will then be asked to fill in the front of the paper, as we do at the beginning of every exam, and a start and finish time given. You will then complete part 2.

Students who receive extra time will all be expected to sit silently until the end of the extra time if they chose not to use their time. The paper will then be collected, and you will be asked to fill in the front of the paper and start part 2. This is so that the invigilator doesn’t disturb those working to collect and then hand out papers to those that have finished within their extra time, and to save human error on the start and finish times of these exams.

If you are a laptop user you will need to save each paper separately as they go to different examiners. You will not be allowed to go back and work on the previous paper, and if you are caught doing so this will be treated as malpractice and reported to the awarding exam board.

Helen Quinn
English KS4 Coordinator
[email protected]