MFL Department Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are offered at Langtree? 

In year 7 students study French and Spanish in rotation, approximately 3 months of both. Students are formally assessed in both. Towards the end of Year 7, students are given the opportunity to choose which one they would like to continue with in Year 8. Taking into consideration progress and student preference, students continue with one language in Year 8 and Yr 9. 

What is a typical class size? 

Standard class sizes in Yr 7 are 30 students. This may reduce marginally in MFL in Year 8, and at GCSE, it may be around 20 students, depending on students opting for MFL. 

How many lessons are there?

On a standard timetable, students have three 50 minute lessons a week, this is the same at KS3 and KS4. 

What sort of homework would my son/daughter expect? 

There would typically be vocabulary learning homework once every two to three weeks, with other homework pieces being consolidation of classwork with a reading activity, or of a grammar point covered in class.  

Are GCSE languages compulsory at Langtree?

No, it is an options subject. Students can opt to take either French or Spanish at GCSE. We follow the AQA exam specification.

Can students take any other languages at Langtree? 

The languages taught are French and Spanish. If students speak an additional language at home, it may be possible for Langtree to enter the student for a GCSE in that language. This is on the proviso that there is someone who is able to conduct the speaking exam and follow the procedures as set out by the exam board. 

What trips are there?

For a long time, the school has run a week to France at the end of Year 8, and recently students in Year 9 have visited Barcelona. Also, we have recently had a theatre company to deliver a play in Spanish, and would look to do this for French as well.

Do all students have to study a language? 

All students in year 7 study a language. The department works closely with the English and Maths departments to determine whether there may be some students who would benefit from literacy and numeracy intervention. These classes are small and by invitation. Should this happen, students will cease studying a Modern Foreign Language in Year 8 and Year 9.

Can you study two languages at Langtree?

Due to choosing one language to continue with in Year 8 and Year 9, this is unlikely, unless a student has one of these languages already as a second language. 

What curriculum does Langtree follow?

In Year 7 and Year 8, students follow Viva in Spanish and Studio in French. In Year 9, all students follow an adapted version of the Foundation AQA syllabus either in French or Spanish.  At GCSE, all students have access to the textbook online (called Kerboodle) with a wealth of resources to support their learning such as vocabulary lists, interactive activities, listening, reading and writing tasks.

What format does the GCSE take?

Four key skills are formally assessed with exams towards the end of Year 11: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students are assessed on topics throughout Years 10 and 11, with a Mock speaking exam at the end of Yr 10, and another Mock speaking exam in Year 11. 

Does Langtree have any links with Twinned towns for pen pals? 

This started towards the end of the academic year 2018/2019 however due to the challenging circumstances of 2020, links need to be re-established. 

How can I support my son/daughter with their language-learning, if I am not confident with languages?

We encourage our students to engage family members with their learning and so they might offer to teach you a list of vocab! You can support them by helping to download apps such as Duolingo and Quizlet and encouraging them to use them regularly. This enables them to practise vocabulary and grammar, which is vital when learning a foreign language.