GCSE Pod is an online learning site that supports students, teachers and parents to prepare for qualification examinations.

The site is essentially a revision tool and the GCSE Pods are designed for any device and can be watched both in and out of school. It’s a bit like carrying a huge pile of textbooks with you everywhere!

Each pod has experts reading and explaining everything clearly including all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and diagrams on screen.

Students don’t need to use it for long to feel the impact. Consistent use in brief 10 minute sessions is proven to support achievement right up to A* (0-9). GCSE Pod is used for personal independent study and revision, your subject teachers may also direct you to specific pods they would like you to watch as part of a directed study programme.

All students in all year groups at Langtree are able to access GCSEPod. The links below have information about how to do this. In addition there are other resources to help students and parents make the most of GCSEPod.

More information, news and help can be found on the GCSEPod website.

If students / parents / carers have problems or questions relating to GCSEPod that have not be solved or answered by the links above, please email Mary Taylor-Lane: [email protected]

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