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For other problems / queries please email [email protected] and the member of staff monitoring this account will forward your email to the appropriate member of staff.

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Remote Learning Policy


Show My Homework (All students)

 GCSEPod (Years 9, 10 and 11)

Design Technology


Mr Bruff poetry videos on You Tube.  Love and Relationship collection.

York Notes or Schmoop for Literature texts

Use your snap revision books for your literature texts; they are great.

Your best revision is to practise your exam questions, including the writing papers.  Use the website for additional questions: Langtree homepage, Learning first, English (Archive Page)


Student login:

username: SHINKLEY3

password: STUDENT3


GCSE Geography: 

Paper 1 Physical –  Your examples are:

Section A) 

EQ, it is Chile & Nepal; 

Tropical Storms, Typhoon Haiyan; 

Extreme Weather, the Beast from the East.

Section B: 

Ecosystem = Studland Sand dune; 

Amazon Tropical Rainforest & 

Hot Deserts – Sahara; Desert fringe = Sahel.

Section C: 

River Severn & Boscastle Flooding; 

Coasts – Studland Bay to Swanage to Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door.

Paper 2 Human – Your examples are:

Section A: Lagos, NEE; Bristol for UK city & sustainability

Section B: Tourism in Kenya to overcome poverty; Nigeria with Shell, Nissan, & Guinness Africa TNC’s

Section C: Optional topic – Water eg Large Scale transfer from South China to North China; Local sustainable water is Kenya’s Sand dam.



If you are having problems logging on to any of the maths websites further help and information can be found HERE or email you maths teacher.


Music (GCSE)



Exam Board – Past Papers

GCSE Revision   

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