Student Wellbeing

At Langtree, we utilise our assemblies, tutor times, RSE lessons and the curriculum to raise awareness and discuss important issues related to wellbeing and safety.  There will be some students who need access to more specialist services: 

  • ELSA – (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant).  If you would like further information, speak to Mrs Temple or your Head of Year.
  • NOMAD –  (a mentoring service – see your HOY for further information)
  • School nurse – the school nurse is also available to support individual students with a range of issues including: 
    • General Health and Wellbeing
    • Smoking cessation
    • Sexual health
    • Students can refer themselves to this service or be referred by a member of staff. Contact details HERE.
  • Year 11 Student Mentor – a Yr 11 will be allocated a tutor group to mentor.  Yr 11 mentors are selected for this role as a result of their outstanding attitude to learning, commitment to support Langtree and knowledge of the school.  They are given a programme of mentoring activities to complete with students in their first short term.   

Please do talk to your tutor, a teacher of your Head of Year if you are experiencing any problems:

  • Mrs Belcher – Head of Year 7 & 8
  • Ms Godfrey – Head of Year 9
  • Mr Sinnamon – Head of Year 10 / 11
  • Ms Phipps – Head of Year 10 /11

If you don’t feel like you can approach someone in school, please email a teacher or HOY, or Report a Concern by clicking HERE.

Relationship and Sex Education lessons (RSE) – see curriculum map

You will have Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) lessons.  All the resources about topics that you have said are important to you will be saved in your RSE Google Classroom.  There will always be useful tips on what you can do and who can help you after each lesson.

Tell your Ms Morel or Ms Burman if you think a topic is needed and we will explore how to address this.

Other services

Please remember that exercise has been proven to help with positive mental health.  So do look at the extra curricular timetable – your tutor will have details of this.