Learning Support Department (SEND)

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The Learning Support Department offers support that is targeted to the needs of the individual pupil.  All pupils are assessed upon entry to Langtree.  The results are analysed alongside other data and information from primary schools so that the right kind of support or intervention can be put in place. This is then monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.  The teachers and teaching assistants in the Learning Support Department are highly experienced and receive up to date training.  We work closely with all staff in the school, parents/carers, as well as outside agencies.

Intervention Programmes that take place outside the classroom complement both the learning in the classroom and an individual’s emotional well-being.  Targeted support helps to ensure that inclusion for SEN pupils is maximised, where pupils will be able to participate more effectively in lessons and achieve their potential.  In Key Stage 3, identified pupils are withdrawn from some lessons to receive extra Literacy or Maths teaching.  We also run other intervention programmes including Social Skills, Emotional Literacy and support with organisation and managing homework.

In Key Stage 4, some pupils may require continued support for literacy and numeracy, as well as managing coursework. Support and guidance for transition into further education is also given.

Learning support also provide provision and interventions within the classroom.   The Learning Support Team help to ensure that pupils receive co-ordinated support and that teaching and learning is responsive to the personal needs of the learner.

If you would like more information about the Learning Support Department, please contact Susannah Wood: [email protected]

SEND Provision Map

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