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Year 10 May 2023 Mock Exams Timetable


Year 11 GCSE’s: Start on May 15th 2023 Summer 2023 contingency dates. The awarding bodies have collectively agreed a contingency day for several years now which is always scheduled at the end of the GCSE, GCE AS and A level exam timetables. The contingency day is in the event of national or significant local disruption to exams in the United Kingdom, being part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for exams. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, further resilience was needed within the exam timetables. A single contingency day was not felt to be sufficient if a national event or incident had a significant effect on the exam timetable. For example, summer exams could be affected by extremely high temperatures. For the June 2023 exams, the awarding bodies have therefore introduced two additional half-day contingency sessions. These are on Thursday 8 June 2023 and Thursday 15 June 2023. The standard    contingency day remains at the end of the timetable being scheduled on Wednesday 28 June 2023. Candidates must remain available until Wednesday 28 June 2023 should examinations need to be rescheduled.

Exams Assembly Summer 2023

JCQ Information for Candidates Summer 2023

Collection of Certificates Class of 2022

  • If you are unable to collect your certificates on presentation evening please email [email protected] to arrange a collection day / time.

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