Langtree School Curriculum Intent

The Langtree School curriculum, embedded in the school’s guiding values of courtesy, tolerance and respect, fulfils the intent of our mission statement to “prioritise learning, celebrate achievement, nurture the individual, and challenge staff and students to be the very best they can be.”

The Langtree school curriculum is designed so that all students, irrespective of their starting point, receive a broad and ambitious curriculum. Therefore, the curriculum:

  • Provides a wide-ranging three year KS3 experience, to which all students have access
  • At KS4, can be tailored by a range of courses, including the opportunity for all students to follow an EBacc set of qualifications.
  • Has a structured, age appropriate  PSHE, Careers Education and statutory RSE programme  to which various subjects and tutors contribute
  • Meets the statutory requirement for religious education through timetabled ethics lessons in KS3 and KS4.
  • Offers a range of extracurricular opportunities, including trips and visits to all students
  • Manages transition points and actively supports students as they move from KS2, through KS3 onto the end of KS4 and their post 16 choices
  • Makes provision for students requiring intervention and extra support to excel

The Langtree school curriculum is designed so that it “puts learning first”. As a result:

  • Departments develop curriculum plans that identify and sequence the knowledge and skills required by students in order to become confident, informed and inquisitive learners
  • Department curriculum plans recognise and support the importance of reading as a key tool of learning
  • Department curriculum plans are solidly based on the requirements of The National Curriculum and Examination courses
  • Department SOW have clear learning objectives and intended outcomes, used to inform lesson planning and foreground challenge and achievement
  • Planned lessons take advantage of opportunities for students to learn the social, spiritual, historical and cultural knowledge and thinking that underpins and enriches subject domains
  • Planned lessons involve a range of activities designed to enhance students’ knowledge, develop their skills and enable them to communicate effectively in each school subject.
  • Planned lessons develop not only the knowledge and skills to be successful beyond Langtree, but foster enquiry and enthusiasm, developing lifelong learners

The Langtree School curriculum is designed to recognise diversity and be inclusive. Within this intent:

  • Curriculum planning considers the individual and allows for adaptation to meet the needs of students’ needs  at subject level, and at the point of delivery by expert teachers
  • Our curriculum has  a rich PSHE and RSE programme, delivered through the pastoral system, and within subject areas
  • Our curriculum confronts stereotypes and provides both breadth and depth of study
  • Extracurricular activities are inclusive and encourage learning beyond the classroom
  • The premise of our curriculum is to support and nurture students as individuals, offering them enriching opportunities to expand their horizons and ambitions

Full details of the curriculum for each year group can be found on the curriculum map: HERE.