Langtree School – “Putting Learning First”

Langtree School is a small and close-knit community of 624 students and a team of around 55 teachers and support staff.

Our small size is just one of our unique characteristics of which we feel justifiably proud, as this allows us to maintain a strong ethos of family and community in which all of our students are known and valued on an individual basis, and given the best opportunities to thrive.

Strong relationships between learners and teachers are at the heart of our school, and we believe that this results in a happy, optimistic and positive culture in which we can all focus on our core mission of ‘Putting Learning First”.

But it’s not all about exam results. Our school values are summarised in three key words: Courtesy, Tolerance and Respect. These values underpin all of our dealings with each other, and inform our tutorial and assembly programmes throughout the year. These values enable our support for the fundamental British values of Tolerance, Respect, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, and Democracy – and in this way we are well placed to ensure compliance with our Safeguarding and Prevent duties.

Langtree School is a special place, and the governors take their responsibilities very seriously. We never forget the privilege we have of working with such an inspiring team of staff and students, of whom we are very proud.

Alan Dunstan, Chair of Governors