Home School Agreement, Expectations, Rewards and Sanctions

Home School Agreement

In order to support our ethos of ‘putting learning first’, we have established a simple, reasonable and clear code of conduct for all members of the Langtree community to follow. This code is designed to enable individual students to learn effectively and without distraction, and for their teachers to teach without interruption. Visitors often comment on the calm and purposeful atmosphere around the school during the day, and we believe that this is because the vast majority of the students at Langtree are happy to abide by the following code of conduct:

We have high expectations of each other…

At Langtree School, we aim to give you an excellent education in a caring environment, so that you will feel able to take advantage of the many opportunities available. The idea that you will learn throughout your life is central to the work of Langtree School. Our aim is to help you to develop your talents and be adaptable as a preparation for your later life. To help us to achieve these objectives we would like you and your parents to read this together.

At Langtree School we expect everyone to act with courtesy and consideration.

This is reflected in:

  • The way I speak to other people
  • The way I am prepared to listen to others and take note of their point of view even if I do not agree
  • The way I help and encourage others

At Langtree School we expect everyone to be punctual.

This means I will:

  • Arrive in school on time (buses allowing)
  • Arrive in lessons on time and with the correct equipment.
  • Ensure that homework and other assignments are completed on time

At Langtree School we expect all students to take a pride in their own appearance and to respect their own and other people’s belongings.

This means that:

  • I will always wear correct school uniform tidily
  • I understand that jewellery is not allowed for heatlh and safety reasons
  • I will treat others people’s belongings as I would expect others to treat mine

At Langtree School we expect everyone to move around the school sensibly.

This means that I will:

  • Walk around the school corridors and not run
  • Behave sensibly on the stairs, in the cloakroom areas and in doorways, paying attention to the safety of others at all times
  • Keep noise to an acceptable level
  • Be prepared to open doors and assist others when they need it

At Langtree School we encourage everyone to care about the environment, both globally and locally. We want our school to be  a welcoming place that we can all be proud of.

This means that I will:

  • Put my litter in the bins provided both inside and outside the buildings
  • Keep all walls, furniture, books and equipment clean and unmarked
  • Ensure that all displays remain in good condition for other people to enjoy
  • Report any damage to the school office

At Langtree School we expect all students to come to school safely, with consideration for others and in such a way as to ensure the School is represented well in our wide community.

If I come to school on a bus this means:

  • I will be at the pick-up point in good time
  • I will wait in an orderly manner, will keep clear of other traffic, and will not attempt to enter of leave the bus until it has stopped
  • I will remain sitting in my seat for the whole journey, using the seat belt at all times, and avoid any movement around the bus which is likely to distract the driver and create danger for other people
  • I will not cause damange to, or drop litter on the bus
  • I will get on and off the bus in an orderly manner, and take particular care in using the road at this time
  • I will treat all other bus users with the same consideration as I expect to be given to me

Staff/Student Classroom Contract

Students will:

  • Arrive on time and line up quietly until the teacher invites them into the room;
  • Go into the classroom quietly and sit where asked;
  • Get all books and equipment out, including the student planner;
  • Be quiet immediately when the teacher is ready to start;
  • Listen when the teacher or other students are talking;
  • Follow instructions straight away;
  • Not waste their own or other people’s time;
  • Treat all staff and other students with respect;
  • Treat school property and the property of others with respect;
  • Wait until they are asked to pack away at end of lesson;
  • Leave in an orderly way when asked.

Teachers will:

  • Arrive on time;
  • Plan and deliver lessons in accordance with the Langtree Lesson Protocol;
  • Give clear instructions;
  • Explain the learning objectives and write them on the board;
  • Treat students with respect;
  • Use the rewards system;
  • Follow the guidance below for sanctions.

If a student misbehaves the teacher will:

  • Tell the student he/she is disturbing the class;
  • Give a clear warning;
  • Move the student within the class;
  • Remove the student from class for five minutes.


Rewards and Sanctions

Lower School – Key Stage 3

With so much going on, we like to recognise your success when it happens but also help you learn from the mistakes that you make from time to time.

Merits:  Merits are awarded for doing well in lessons, for example: excellent contribution to a lesson, excellent homework/classwork, progress or doing well in tests.  The teacher will sign the page in your student planner when you receive one.
Awards: At the end of each term there will be an achievement assembly in which students are awarded certificates and prizes according to the amount of merits they have collected. There are 5 levels of individual awards – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

At the end of terms 2 and 4 there is a party for the tutor groups in Years 7, 8, and 9 that have collected the most merits. Then in the summer term we have a party for the 15 students in each year group that have the most merits throughout the year.

Upper School –  Key Stage 4

Progress and attainment: Teachers will monitor your progress and attainment in their subjects and will issue credits. You must then pass these credits to your form tutor who will record them electronically. At the end of each term a level will be set and rewards for the credits obtained will be rewarded. The rewards consist of various Langtree branded items!

The top ten percent of students, as identified by the interim assessments, will receive Headteacher commendations. These will be awarded three times a year.


Positive Postcards: Positive Postcards will be sent home to celebrate special achievement of effort at both Key Stages.

Headteacher’s Commendation: The Headteacher will reward outstanding effort of achievement in personal interviews with students.

Detentions: These are sanctions that will be issued rarely for persistent offences against our behavioural expectations. They apply in the Upper and Lower School. A record of these will also be placed in your student file. Persistent offenders will be referred to the Head of School, who will contact your parents and decide whether students should be put on an individual monitoring report. Students wearing incorrect uniform will be put in uniform detention at breaktime.

Late gate: Any student who is late for school in the morning will be given a warning and three incidents of lateness will result in an after-school senior staff detention.


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