Rewards and Sanctions

Rewards and Sanctions

Lower School – Key Stage 3

With so much going on, we like to recognise your success when it happens but also help you learn from the mistakes that you make from time to time.

Merits:  Merits are awarded for doing well in lessons, for example: excellent contribution to a lesson, excellent homework/classwork, progress or doing well in tests.  The teacher will sign the page in your student planner when you receive one.
Awards: At the end of each term there will be an achievement assembly in which students are awarded certificates and prizes according to the amount of merits they have collected. There are 5 levels of individual awards – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

At the end of terms 2 and 4 there is a party for the tutor groups in Years 7, 8, and 9 that have collected the most merits. Then in the summer term we have a party for the 15 students in each year group that have the most merits throughout the year.

Upper School –  Key Stage 4

Progress and attainment: Teachers will monitor your progress and attainment in their subjects and will issue credits. You must then pass these credits to your form tutor who will record them electronically. At the end of each term a level will be set and rewards for the credits obtained will be rewarded. The rewards consist of various Langtree branded items!

The top ten percent of students, as identified by the interim assessments, will receive Headteacher commendations. These will be awarded three times a year.


Positive Postcards: Positive Postcards will be sent home to celebrate special achievement of effort at both Key Stages.

Headteacher’s Commendation: The Headteacher will reward outstanding effort of achievement in personal interviews with students.

Detentions: These are sanctions that will be issued rarely for persistent offences against our behavioural expectations. They apply in the Upper and Lower School. A record of these will also be placed in your student file. Persistent offenders will be referred to the Head of School, who will contact your parents and decide whether students should be put on an individual monitoring report. Students wearing incorrect uniform will be put in uniform detention at breaktime.

Late gate: Any student who is late for school in the morning will be given a warning and three incidents of lateness will result in an after-school senior staff detention.


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