Digital Leaders

We are delighted to be introducing Digital Leaders at Langtree. We are actively recruiting Year 8 students who have a passion for ICT and are willing to help drive the use of ICT across the school.

We are looking for our Digital Leaders to assist in the following areas:

  • To update areas of the school website, VLE or school blog site.
  • Blog on behalf of the school, a class or a club.
  • Test new ICT resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers.
  • Set up ICT equipment in classrooms for teachers.
  • Lead ICT lunchtime clubs.
  • Support teachers and classes to use ICT in the classroom.
  • To update areas of the school website, VLE or school blog site.
  • Create how-to video help guides

Students who are interested in this new and exciting role need to complete the application form by Tuesday 22nd October.

National Anti-Bullying Week

During National Anti-Bully Week 2013 Langtree’s Anti-Bully Ambassadors held two assemblies which focused on cyber bullying. We were also looking to recruit new Anti-Bully Ambassadors to the existing team. We were successful and recruited Ruth Buckley from Year 10, Alicia Mangiacapra from Year 8 and George Fry from Year 7. Continue reading