The Friends of Langtree School

Click HERE for a Gift Aid Form with Standing Order Mandate for regular donations.

Click HERE for a Gift Aid Form.

As we move forwards at Langtree School it is with a continued sense of optimism and excitement for very good reason: our GCSE outcomes have improved steadily over the last four years; we have been given yet another national award for KS4 progress; and Langtree has received a glowing Ofsted report which places the school ‘on the cusp of being outstanding’. At a time of considerable political turmoil and financial uncertainty, Langtree continues to go from strength to strength.

Recently, I invited parents and carers to support our lobby for a truly fair funding formula for schools. As a result of this support, it now appears that the government is prepared to rethink the application of the proposed funding formula.

However, funding to schools continues to be extremely tight and, as a small school, Langtree will inevitably face significant financial challenges in the future. In real terms, school funding has decreased since 2010, since when schools have been funded on a ‘flat cash’ basis which means that the funding per pupil has remained static and has not kept pace with inflation. Consequently, in spite of what all politicians may claim, schools are simply being told to ‘do more with less’.

During the consultation process over fair funding, many parents contacted me to ask how they might be able to help further and more directly to safeguard the quality of provision at Langtree into the future. It is those very encouraging suggestions and requests that have prompted this letter to you all.

One of the ways which would help us to maintain the current level of provision is through the introduction of a voluntary parental contribution to Langtree School. We are therefore following the precedent set by other local schools by inviting our supportive parental community to consider making an annual voluntary parental contribution to the school. For example a donation of just £30 would equate to only £5 per term, which would appear to be very good value given all the additional benefits students at Langtree enjoy, including free access to ‘Show My Homework’, ‘GCSE Pod’ and  ‘Kerboodle’. However, it would be up to parents and carers themselves how much they chose to donate.

Please note that the request is for a voluntary contribution; there would be no detriment or consequence to any student if the voluntary parental contribution was not forthcoming. We are sensitive to the pressures on families in challenging financial circumstances, and we respect that a contribution at this time might not be possible for all.

Alternatively, parents may want to consider joining a number of families in our school community who already subscribe to our monthly covenanting scheme, ‘The Friends of Langtree School’ (formerly known as ‘The Langtree Hundred’). By this method, parents choose to donate a sum of money each month, by Direct Debit. This scheme has been in place since 1997, when the school was faced with closure, and has since raised a significant amount of money to support a wide range of additional equipment and resources for many cohorts of students for twenty years.

All donations, whether a one off payment of a monthly contribution, can be Gift Aided, which means that the government will add an additional 25% of the value of the donation to the school in tax relief. This is applicable as long as the donor has paid at least as much in income tax or capital gains tax in the same tax year as the school will claim back in Gift Aid. Please indicate if you would like to Gift Aid your donation when you make your payment on line.

Donations can be made in cash (please ask for a receipt), by cheque – payable to “Langtree School”, via the “PLEASE PAY HERE”  link on the front page of the school website, select the school donation option, or by completing a standing order mandate which should be returned to the school.

I do hope that you appreciate the spirit in which this request has been made, and I also hope that you feel able to support our request to ensure the quality of educational provision for your sons and daughters for the time they study with us at Langtree. Please be assured that we will continue to work extremely hard to ensure that we continue to do even more with less, and to safeguard the educational future of your child at a time of considerable challenge to education and to all public services.

Yours sincerely

Mr Simon Bamford – Headteacher

If you would like to find out more about the scheme, please contact a member of our finance team: [email protected]