English Speaking and Listening

Year 11 English Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening

To validate their English Language GCSE, all students must to complete a Speaking and Listening component. This does not count towards their English Language GCSE (9-1) but they will be awarded a separate certificate and a PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION.

The preparation for this assessment will form part of the students’ revision for English Language Paper 2 (non-fiction and transactional writing). All Year 11 students will be filmed during lesson time delivering a speech on a topic of their choice to the class.

Any student who misses their Speaking and Listening assessment will be expected to complete this after school


Deliver a presentation on a topic of your choice and respond to questions in a formal setting.

Preparation at home

We will spend time in lessons planning and crafting students’ speeches but pupils need to spend time learning and rehearsing them at home. In the assessment, students will be allowed up to 10 cue cards with bullet point notes on them.

Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize

TED Talks